Become a Foster – Save a Life

We appreciate your interest in becoming a foster for our dogs.  As a foster, you give a dog a chance to live a full life and find a forever home outside of the stressful shelter environment.

What can you expect from a rescue dog?

Our animals come directly from a shelter environment. They may be stressed, unsure of what to do, and unfamiliar with their surroundings or the new people who care for them. In our experience it takes about 3 to 10 days for the true personality of the dog to come out. During this time, the dog needs guidance from you as to what to do and what not to do. It may require extreme patience and understanding, and a firm hand. These first 1-2 weeks are crucial in your relationship with your foster dog.

Fostering for PoundPup and Friends Initiative (also described as PoundPup or PP&FI ) comes with the same responsibilities as responsible pet ownership. You MUST provide food and fresh water for our foster dog at least once a day. The pet MUST live with you in your household, not being kept outside, or locked in a crate more than a regular workday requires.

They have received basic temperament testing, but may come with issues, like chewing, marking, not being potty trained, or food aggression. We expect our fosters to teach them basic manners, and address issues appropriately. If the dog is food aggressive, it must be fed in a crate, or separated during feeding time. They are in the shelter with one or two other dogs in a kennel, and may have had to fend for their food. Most will eventually overcome the fear of not getting their food with patience and proper treatment. We can advise on what to do in your specific situation.

Health and Wellness

The stress of shelter life, as well as close proximity to other animals, can cause these animals to get sick. Should you notice signs of illness (diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, runny nose, eyes, limping, unexplained whimpering, etc), you are required to notify your assigned contact person at the first sign of the pet not feeling well. We will advise you on how to proceed. If veterinary care is required, you will have to take the animal to our veterinary clinic, or we have a service under contract who will pick up the animal from your house and return it to you (on a space available basis, so it may not be immediately).  If medications are prescribed, it is your responsibility to administer them exactly as prescribed. You will use the prescribed medications, nothing else, no substitutions.

Should we determine that our instructions have not been followed, or medical care has not been rendered as required, we will terminate our foster relationship with you, and reclaim our pet/s in your care. You may be put on a regional Do Not Foster List.

Got love to spare? Become a Foster